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Hello! IvyXxXChange , this page is for everybody!!! I love the color black and red! I draw cute, scary, and funny animations. I love Kittens,Frogs,Puppies, and Chicken's and wolfs! I LOVE Fortnite and Roblox.They are my favorite games! My user name on fortnite is:
XxDemon KittyXx . I have 3 cats 1 wolf dog outside and 4 frogs in a tank and 3 chicken's. I also have 2 outside cats and 4 outside kittens! I also play piggy from roblox. I play a lot of games. I'm also a female. I hope everybody has a wonderful day! Bye. Credits to Willow_go_ BRRRR for my pfp! It's a wonderful pfp! So sorry Willow_go BRRR I'm changing my pfp. Oh yea and if y'all didn't know I love WWE my favorite WWE superstar is Bianca Belair if you like WWE too then let me know what's you're favorite WWE superstar!

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