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Im hiddenArt
Wich is not my real name
I watch animie
I play bendy
I animate
I listened to music
And i have 0 friends sad

10 followers-happy day
11 followers-happy day

15 followers-fanarts

19 followers to 23 followers-info reveal
35 followers-fanarts with shaders

52 followers-109 followings
60 followers-QnA
70 followers-User Reveal
80 followers-find animie maker group in dc (if there is)
100 followers-the special day
200 followers-House tour but drawing
300 followers-Big day
400 followers-200 followings
500 followers-Fight Animations

age:15 almost 16
gender:male of course
fav animal:saltwater crocodile
fav animie:Naruto,Aot,DSR-short for Demon SlayeR
fav color,blue red also black
fav music,stay KIDLAROI, montero Lil nas x,AirmaxViolin Y4nN0xX,Trapped in Confusion
Eludent,Russian Dancing Men
Mr Weebl and 'Till I Collapse

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