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Hi I’m cricket but you can call me bread,syd or just cricket anyways here’s some info
~he/it/it’s 🥳✌️
~gay/MLM I’m also polyamory😎
~I’m trans ftm(female to male)🤗
~🔞‼️I’m a MINOR‼️🔞 please do not sexualize me or hit on me unless you ask for consent/srs :)
~LGBTQIA+ is welcome anytime
~this is a safe space where everyone is loved welcomed and respected💕💗💓💘💞💖💝

Discord: cricketISsad#2299
Snapchat: @kricketISsad
If I get any alt accounts or new accounts they will be put here <3
If you try and get a hold of me on my discord or snap please tell me it’s you when I add you or your getting blocked
‼️Also any inappropriate stuff on this account or on any of my others will be reported and you will be blocked‼️

35 followers: drawing requests ✅

40 followers: I draw all my followers ✅

45 followers: pick a spot

‼️50‼️followers: you choose

55 followers: whiteboard party

60 followers: contest

65 followers: animation challenges

70 followers: you choose

75 followers: I make a discord server for my fan base

80 followers: dog art

85 followers: I read the whole bee movie script

90 followers: elbow Reveal

95 followers: face reveal

‼️‼️💖💖💕100💕💖💖‼️‼️ Followers: I make a twitch account and stream for 3 hours <3

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