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Heyaaaa my beatifull, lovely punks<3
Its me, Uppy!!! Ur very idiotic girl
Im 11,female morrocan kiddo~~Respect moi 😀
Bff are: Germany, Mixy, ukraine, kiruto, gabriel, Musky grape, russia, sooooooo many more...

Uppy:(main/irl oc)
•Age: 11
•Gender: female
•Sexuality: asexual
•Personality: idiotic and emotional
•Status: single duhhhh
•Age: 11
•Gender: non-binary
•Sexuality: Pan
•Personality: annoying and optimistic
•Status: taken (With olika)
•Age: 12-13???
•Gender: female
•Sexuality: Bi? Lesbian? Lets say she can be attracted to boys but more attracted to girls
•Personality:Shes too mysterious for me to know
•Status: single (poor her)
•Age: 12...?
•Gender: none
•Sexuality: Pansexual
•Personality: soft and quiet
•Status: single
•Age: BRU, ask google
•Gender: male
•Sexuality: bi
•Personality: ebil 😡😡😡 /j
•Status: married lol (with starlight)

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