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Kepler 90 System

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Hi, I'm Archer Cornwell Vladimira Lucas Stanton.

I'm most likely to kill people and cut their neck off infront of Police Officers as well as torturing people(I often do that.)

I commonly swear random words infront of good people and do bad habits and steal monies from the bank whatever I want.

I'm stuck in this stupid province because I got jailed for no reason and people that no one cares about. my passport is gone so I can't go back to my place where my cool parents and other gansters used to live.

Soo uhh... i'm most likely to be a size of 2 Solar Jupiter Masses I think..?

Nah I'm most likely to live longer and hang out friends and stars in this galaxy

There are 6 planets in my solar system.
One of them is 4 Terrestrial Planets and one of them is 2 Gassious Planet.

5 of them is uhh... Gone they don't exist now :(

So I named my own planets there aren't Scientifically Accurate so now I have to rename the Planets i called in this List to keep it simple:

Terrestrial Planets:

Icarus (Kepler b)
Nizel (Kepler c)
Tasci (Kepler d)
Earthevica (Kepler f)
Seris (Kepler g)
Thavis (Kepler h)

My Surface Temperature Is 3550 Kelvin and I'm Class G Type Star.

That's hope for todays Informaaee... hold on a sec.....
Hmmmm uhhh Welp that's not enough.

Do you know you can build your imagination by creating a planet with life to Intelligent?

I was inspired by Biblaridion and Project Rose making your own alien biosphere by selecting a real planet like TIRA-292b(Biblaridion) and Trappist-1 System(Project Rose)

People started to make their own alien biosphere even my brother and their starting making videos about microbes to Intelligent life colonising the entire planet even our home planet Earth where living on.

You will start creating creatures in your fictional world whether it's long, big or small as you starting growing life in your planet.

Before starting your own life on the planet you must choose the size, gravity, axial tilt, atmosphere, temperature, distance from sun to earth and the size of the moon blah blah blah blah more stuff and features to do, and the sun.
This is the most important part in your planet before crætíîïìī loœøõō.... zxsddd@+&_-+///!!""****+;#####...##/#///######....-.-._

(information loss...)

Iiiii ewe dhd hope no rainy..**@#₱₱₱ .....

(retract memory)

...youwe. # havvvvvvww%%~~ græt._ time end hang out with others sharing your own planet to one of your friends and build your own solar system on world building.

Did you know that this App doesn't have a bright future at all!

Look what Dab said with Admin 119 days ago!

I thought this is a anime drawing community where people post animemations related stuff.

But now everything isn't related and what it looks like

There's an Alternate Universe where this Html like App still dead on it's tracks and don't continue to grow it's popularity and produce more anime drawing related stuff.


there must be a chance that people could quit this app...

Epic Stickman with a Big Head said: “Are you some sort of ThePowerOfTwo?„

When I search it, it looks like he's account is dead on it's tracks and there's a weird hacker that changed his password and cannot log in anymore.

And he decided to quit.

There's an Alternate Universe where ThePowerOfTwo could produce and continue making it's related content to people..

Hmm I have no idea what I'm doing today but I have a very interesting country for you that you've never heard before...

Hello Comrade, welcome to my Incorporated States of Aztortstria. We like to shooth guns, drink bveer and vokda. This Nation is full of tankz, freedom, and otheer exetera beings.

Fun Fact: Someone Created a Anti-Amogus Cult Group because they thought amogus is a bad word in Japan or China.

There was a Impostor Syndrome where you can suffer from schizophrenia where patient often finds a sussy jerma amogus susi baka xd lol bruh face on google and burst out laugh and smile around the screen to look at Italy's Historical Empire.

This followed by either long bursts of laughter, or painful self-awareness and even death and end up become a ghosts like other crewmembers in the game.

Do you like Reading?
Me too!

I wonder what life on China looks like...
Hmmm I know!

Fun Fact:

China has a Social Credit System that expands the idea of a standard credit to check all of it's aspects of life.

You've might heard it on kracc bacc's videos by saying, Taiwan is a country and gets 30,000,000 ridiculously.

Each citizens is assigned with 1000 points to monitor the judge their behavior and rated accordingly, like donating blood or money, engaging charity work, praising the government on social media and most importantly, helping the poor.

But if you do it on a opposite way, you'll get social media punishments like not visiting one's again parents regularly, chestint on online games, insincere apologies for crimes committed and spreading rumors on the internet.

Bruh imagine saying “Taiwan„ is a country XD

*gets 30,000,000 minus social credit and instantly regrets it*

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