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I'm a nerd.. so here's a story..
Guilt (Chapter 1..)
The trees swayed to the rhythm of the wind, creating echoes throughout the air. Crunches of footsteps approach and hair sways in the holy air.
A big grin wipes across her face and quickly breaks into a smirk. Gripping a mountain, throwing themself onto the top of it, swiping at the air with a bright, steel sword. Throwing their sword at a monster, as the monster faded into a mile of dust, a soul appeared. A feeling of guilt hits her body, grabbing the soul, she lifts it up to the weapon, a mouth appears on the weapon and eats the soul. Guilt, ran through her body like a swift wave. This, was a feeling..
Closed thoughts (Chapter 2)
Knowing I'll never get back to that moment, I disappeared from sight and closed my eyes, hoping I'll never open them again. But a new beginning was just happening for me. A weapon with a mouth is weird enough. I got up from the bed and cried knowing my regrets will kill me inside, slowly taking over as the beginning of today, wiped away my tears and forced me to get up. Doing so I went into my corner and shamed myself for all my guilts, thinking how could I be so reckless...
The weapon I used to slay lay beside me as I cried Continuesly as it talked..
"Answer me fiend" it said
I ignored it and clouded it's voice with the memory that would haunt me forever, I new this was a different story, a re written story.. this was a new beginning..
A new beginning (chapter 3)
In the corner as I cried, a bright light hit my eyes and became brighter, finally fading away. Noticing a human stood next to me.
"Get up. Stop being stupid and get outside" it said
I cried harder knowing this was a nightmare I couldn't get rid off. A few moments later, I realised it was night and I was damaged. With all the marks all over me I found out I was getting hurt all day. The new beginning served me well, and studied me from mid air that hurt me. I closed my eyes wishing I wouldn't open them for the past nights. And hoping this day would end, but it didn't, as the day woke up the sun woke up with me and thrashed onto my skin. I didn't like this new beginning.. and my guilts where just getting started..

Change of mind (chapter 3)
I'll do it later...

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