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The Strange green haired girl named Mairel

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Hallo :P I missed you all
I like pineapplessss (i don't like pineapples C:)
i have potions that make me 12 years old again \•°•/ oooooooooOOoOo

Jeff (I'm scared of smile doggo :<)
Tony (i ship you with lou)
Bunny (yas gurl)
May (Kawaii potato)
Christmas (Foxy fwend)
Toby (I wish you would love meeeee)
Lou (Yas i ship you with tony)
Liu (arsehole)

All my creepy friends that are one this app!:
Toby Erin Rogers
Jeffrey Allen Woods
Natalie Oulette
Jane Arkensaw
Smile Dog
Liu Woods

Now for some ships I'm in...:
Me x Christmas
Me x Jeff
Me x Toby
Me x Bunny
Me x May
Me x Mal
Me x rainy-faggot
Me x Emily

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