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law/pirate 🍀 he/xe

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><〞★﹕joined . . ... 12/08/17 !!!﹒🍾
🏝️﹑CONTENT WARNING: minor swearing, sometimes a very tiny amount of badly drawn gore, thats about it
⬦﹒﹒﹒EXTRA: i will take breaks now and then due to irl stuff, like school !!

☆ 。aboooout me﹗﹢﹟🌵
he/xe/neos ,,, trans agender transmasc
aroace spectrum,, masclmasc for extra
⬦﹒﹒﹒pfp is crocodile from one piece !!! ﹒🍏
[ everest 0004, corazonyoi on twt & insta ]

!!!! my ocs, will redraw them eventually ..
🎍﹒﹕﹗‹3 🧃

#### do not interact if:
misogynist or misandrist.
pedophile,sexualizes minors,jokes about,etc.
invalidates a persons pronouns/gender/identity in any way.
problematic in any way.
fans/stans of problematic mcyt.
abdel, ur creepy.
any other people/users in controversy on here.

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