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Hey there :)

#CancelFrank 🐰

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him preferred but don't sweat it :)
Joined: 8/31/2016
Crush: you ;)
Skill level: idk but I can draw stupid things that people like for some reason

About me: I'm an artist, an author, I home school, I play soccer, and love all of my followers and I want you all to know that no matter what I still love each compliment I get so thank you all ^^
also leader of the ACA on AnimeMaker (anti-cyberbullying army)

Oc's: Me, Jeff (pet), Lily (pet), my brain, and my dot (pet). (there's also the dead Shrug guy. He will be missed) (R.I.P. Shrug Guy :( -Auto) (also Kevin the forgotten oc)
Discord: limejelo#6175

"I’d prolly just like, go to Starbucks and get a tall cup of water with extra whip" -autocorrect sucks 2019

Friends: All who are friendly and make the app a better place uwu

2019 Objective: Fill the popular this week area with just my animations. Progress: 12/12! OH MY GOD I DID IT
2020 Objective: Reach 3000 followers YESS WE DID IT BOIS
2021 Objective: 10,000 followers? Probably impossible... WE ACTUALLY DID IT THO WHAT

Follower goal: Never thought I'd hit 10,000 so idk where to go from here...11,000?

Bullying? Think you're so cool? -The boy you just called chubby? He is on a diet. -The girl you just called horrible face? ... She spends hours putting makeup on hoping the people will like her. -The boy you tripped? He is abused enough. -See that man with the horrible scars? ... He fought for is country. -That guy you just made fun of for crying? ... His mother is dying. -That kid you just made fun of for being bald? ... He has cancer. -Put this on your status if you're against bullying. (copy and paste)

Don't forget to love yourself, and have a great day :)

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