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This is Mukuro-...Mukuro Ikusaba, the sixteenth student..lying hidden somewhere in the school- JK I'M SORRY LMFAO

Name: Mukuro Kai
Age: ¿¿¿
Height: 5'4
Species: Ghost/Human
Report/Bio: Mukuro Kai was a student attending Sakura Highschool. She was impaled and decapitated during a school lockdown. Rumor has it she is found in the hallway of this abandoned school. She was a popular girl, she was a player type person. She wasn't always like this. Once she was a normal student, her Girlfriend, Rukio Kailua was her hope in this cruel world. Until she was killed in a tragic car crash, This changed Mukuros life forever. She became 'ill' and careless. She didn't have a will to live, she started dating people and breaking their hearts, they were mainly girls. Kai was a very beautiful, her ghost intentions are to seek revenge of those who enter the school. She will impale them and decapitate them, if they make it out alive, they will have a curse on them. They will get into a car crash, or be hit by a car. Legend has it that if you befriend her she will let you be, she will protect you if you succeed. If you don't please her that much, she won't protect you but will let you go.

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I typed to much-

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