Snakeskin likes pizza

Guys I'm starting over

As some of you know I'm starting over I have told somevmy new account name while others I haven't I'm sorry that I want to do this but I feel that as animemaker evolves I should as well I will not be announcing my name instead I will remain anonymous but there is just a few things I need to say first to Katy when you left I didn't know what to do I kept trying to get you back and I did the second time I wasn't so lucky but I don't want to leave you so I will try to reach out as soon as possible second to Golden Freddy animations I helped her get some followers but then she left annd I talked to her everyday on discord but no response so where ever she is now I hope your doing well and finnaly to cut this short to ♡♪ ~🎄™️I𝓭k🎄~ Hoᴘᴇ̷ ꜰoʀ TSBK ∆~∆ /•~° / •///• ×Le𝓪𝓭er of The s𝓶𝓪rt ᴘᴇ̷oᴘle'𝓼 ᴄlub× ♪♡ I didn't know her long but when she said she had been a big fan since the first account she raised my confidence in what I can and can't do so please as a final wish plesae give everyone I mentioned some love and if I didn't mention you that doesent mean I don't remember you I just had to cut this short I will be on here till tomorrow then this account will become dead so if you want to say something say it now and after that go give some love to ♡♪ ~🎄™️I𝓭k🎄~ Hoᴘᴇ̷ ꜰoʀ TSBK ∆~∆ /•~° / •///• ×Le𝓪𝓭er of The s𝓶𝓪rt ᴘᴇ̷oᴘle'𝓼 ᴄlub× ♪♡ for all she has done this is my final goodbye from this account so cya soon very soon I love all of you and bye

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  Everfree 123


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  George V.

Oh. Ok-
I came here just bc of Discord,

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