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Small Kyle animation inspired by the song “Honey I’m Home”

Kyle: 🎶.enohpomarg eht morf emoc seciov 3 !emoh m’I yenoH !olleh yaS .yretsym a fo trats eht dedleiy ,em fo noitcesiviv A !enohpomarg eht morf emoc seciov 3 !emoh m’I yenoh fo sekirts 3 .syot eht worht dna sgab ruoy pu kcap ,esion etihw fo enil yttep A🎶
(Kyle sings his favorite songs backwards)

Wow I’m actually more proud of this one than the one I did for my main 😳✨

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  🍀🟢Spicy Lemøns🟢🍀


“Speaking backwards and translating backwards stuff is fun for me”
Please give me time to come up with something, it may or may not take a few days, I just need to be motivated enough to do so.

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em rof nuf si ffuts sdrawkcab gnitalsnart dna sdrawkcab gnikaepS

3 years ago   Reply (1)

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