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I’m thinking of maybe trying to make a song- or album or something.

If so I’m thinking I want this to be the album cover. And I want my song artist name to be Tasteless Lemon cuz that sounds cooler than my username on here. But here’s a poem I might possibly turn into a song in the future.

Here’s some poison for your mind
And a paper for your eyes
A clover for your heart
A blanket for your thoughts
A clapping of the hands is enough to wake the world
And a snap of the fingers to get enough attention
Though I’m crying, and crying, and crying, and crying
But No one can see, no one can see
And I think, and I think, and I think, and I think
And I can’t get a break, I can’t get a break
Forever, and ever, and ever again
Did you think that I wouldn’t change?
Take a few steps back, I could tell what you plan
Your drama is poison, and I’m not that dumb
Honey, everyone around can smell your lies
But everyone is too distracted to see it clearly
I was one til too late, and everyone turned their eyes to me
The words have been played, and I have been tricked
Now everyone, everyone, everyone hates me
Here’s a tissue for your nose
And a fist for your face
A needle to make you sleep
And a gun to my head
I can tell what you plan
A hug for anxiety
A pitty kiss, cuz no one likes me
A hole for me I dig, so I can lay in peace
But no matter how far I dig the poison keeps getting thicker.
Your Drama has burned the mind, sensitive cries turn to screams
Hold your clovers close to your heart for they are all we have.

Yes I know it sucks. I’ll perfect it later cuz I’m lazy
Plus I don’t even know if I’ll turn this into a song or something.

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  🐱weeb natural🐱

are you related to eggs?

3 years ago   Reply (1)

🍀🟢Spicy Lemøns🟢🍀

Thanks, I'll try that then.

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