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This post was originally made by ☆* beanz !! [ they / xe ] I don't own the post I copied and pasted it from their profile. ⚠DISCLAIMER⚠ I have no aisan blood in me at a l l. I only support the community and I take part in a asian religion!
// physical assault , murder , child murder , general racism

im so sick of seeing only asianz talking abt this on twt . . so far ive only seen ONE person cover this issue on here and they are asian themselves so i feel like i have the right to stark speaking up abt this .

[ list of anti asian racism / hatecrimes : ]

1 ) last night in america , robert aaron long , a 21 year-old white male , traveled to three different massage parlors and killed 8 people. six of them were asian women . ( upon further research , i think all victims were asian american ? if thats the case then thats even worse , , )

2 ) last month a 52 year old asian woman was violently shoved in flushing , queens . witness says assailant threw box of spoons at her , yelling slurs before he shoved her . she blacked out , needed stitches on her forehead .

3 ) anti asian hate crimes can take place in asian small businesses . a lot of these businesses are owned by immigrants and refugees who , despite the pandemic and everything going on , cannot afford to stop working . they have to work tirelessly every day and possibly be subjected to crimes like this .

4 ) between april 10 , 2020 and january 3 , 2021 , donald trump either tweeted ( or RTd ) the term "china virus" 44 times . hate crimes against asian people rapidly increased with his messaging .

5 ) 15 temples buddha and bodhisattva statues had been spray-painted . the word "jesus" in black letters had been emblazoned down one of the statues back ."

6 ) 3 days ago , a restaurant in san antonio was vandalised with an anti asian hate speech .

7 ) an elderly thai man was killed in san francisco . there were also two asian CHILDREN that were stabbed to death inside of a grocery store , presumably in san francisco as well .

8 ) there has been multiple cases of asian people getting acid poured on them , burned alive , and getting killed . first it was the elders , now children and young adults .

[ how you can help !! + linkz n petitions : ]

the most effective thing you could do is start making posts and spreading the word . putting them in your bios / caards also helps out a ton . ( also non asians please dont speak over us too much !! just copy pasting and sharing the links is enough . . )

[ personal opinionz / side notes : ]

this shit is absolutely disgusting . as a filipino , it sickens me that people would assault asians just for EXISTING . luckily , i dont live in america but i do know some relatives and classmates that do and i am worried SICK abt them .

if you like things that came from asian culture like anime , sushi , etc . then fucking speak up . if you truly care abt those things & its creators then speak the fuck up . even this very platform that youre on right now came from an asian , kenmaz , the creator of this site is a japanese man .

( also dont use the term #asianlivesmatter , , the term was taken by the blacklivesmatter / blm movement - which has been going on for YEARS . please just use #stopasianhate !! / srs )

thank you . ( and stay safe asian mootz !! <3 )

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  Fritz~Fizzy :P

Oh my god its awful how cruel people can really be

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