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Here’s my opinion (don’t comment something bad if ya don’t agree with me why? READ THE TITLE!)

I’m not forcing I swear! But just think…… would the world just pop up? How can a explosive do that? But just think about it! If God wasn’t real………then how would the world be made -_-? Who keeps you safe? It’s not “luck” to be honest I don’t believe in “luck” haha. Again just sayin. How would the world just pop up? But ummmm not forcing religion but imagine this. If there was no God. If there was no Jesus. If there was no angels. Then how would the world be? If there is not God = no world,no life, no food, no houses, no anything. No Jesus: no forgiveness, no joy, no fun. No angels: nothing to be happy, nobody to save you from wrong, only have a demon. But if God is not real. Then where do we go when we die? WHO THE HECK CREATED DEATH!? Why are you nice if you have no soul? Why are you living if you don’t have an angle to protect peeps from not killing you? Why are you happy? Again not forcing religion.

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  Deadpoolyun(afk from anime ...

True how would we be real is god isn't real.

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@loser draws, how do you worship some one who continues to screw you over daily?

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