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So uh i think i saw some sort of animal or like something out of this world

okay so lemme explain. @pastel goth clown. said that she kept hearing barking out of nowhere and it sounded far away But she lived in the forest so no houses we're near and her dogs were with her. and then she began to talk about skin walkers so she said that she would stay up and check her cameras at 3 am.

So i went to sleep soon after
and woke up at 7 am for me.
it was 2 am for her.
i texted her asking if she was up
she said "Yeah"

so i decided to call her we we're on mute looking at her security camera.

Everything seemed fine until
She said "Theres a bag there that isn't anyones. and it wasn't there before."
so i decide to not think anything of it
and look near her trees.

And see this thing literally fucking spawn.
if y'all remember my old cringey oc
the leg creature i swear that thing spawned near a damn tree
i know it's shitty quality
but i can't make it any better tbh.

So i send it to her and she gets a bit freaked out and then recognizes Some things.
sure they may be trees but they still look odd.
One does truly look like a face to me.

now i get some can be animals but some
100% don't seem like animals to me.

looks more like a face.

so after that we didn't really spot anything else.

we look everywhere again around 3:25
some are gone

So according to pastel clown
some of the power goes out.
And she heard footsteps later.
luckily she had two guns with her so if something happened she would shoot.
Now she did have family in the house but they'd just say to ignore it.

so a bit of time goes by pastel clown begins to panick again cause now every single creature is gone.

So i invite my friend to see if we we're just going crazy.

and while i go to have breakfast
i come back and my friend sends this:

now this looks more human like then the other things

by the time it hit 4 everything was alright.
that's when pastel clown went to sleep.
and that was the end of it.
I feel like they could've possibly been real skinwalkers but i don't know for certain.
either way it was sort of fun and spooky.

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