We have to talk.

I actually just wanted to say im fine
I need to explain why I left so uh

I left because I have lost my interest in drawing
Don't get the wrong idea it's from the people in this app it's just the lack of fun I've had in the past year

I joined this app the December before covid had came a pandemic and I was bored of staying inside all the time, and that's when I found this app. I started off as a random kid who drew shitty animations.

Then a idea sparked and gave me the idea to name my self Paper. I uploaded daily and made many friends.

I was known by lots of popular creators and despite the low followers I had lots of fan art. But then I started getting a glitch that would log me out every day. I wouldn't upload for two weeks and would come back and make a update. So I did what I had to do. Deleted the account. Didn't come back for several months. Made many attempts to come back but I just gave up on those accounts. This one final attempt was to start over and make a new persona of "paper". I made this account. Made a oc and gained followers and friends. Including June, she was the one the people who made fanart of me when I left. I loved the app at the time. Until I ran out of ideas and couldn't figure out what to draw or find "my drawing style" I changed alot. I lost interest. People were leaving faster and faster more dramas were happening. I couldn't handle it. I took a 7 day break and then soon quit.

(sorry u had to read all of that)

I just don't want anyone getting the wrong ideas there's something going on-

I'm just tired of this app

I don't really want any attention on apps anymore
Not starting any type of YouTube channel for awhile

Just want to be a normal kid in a normal city
I'm moving in 3 days so that's alittle alarming

Anyway, I'm gonna take a break from discord so I'm not gonna respond to anyone for a few weeks

Just gonna chill with my family and have a great Christmas

Peace my Cooper's and coopets! This is Cooper signing off.

Thanks for all the followers
it's been a great few years.
Love you guys! ❤️

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  🧢Tʜᴇ Cᴀᴘ Kɪᴅ🧢 aka EB’s futu...

Yes I know I’m late :|

But I totally get you dude.
But I do wish to see you again
And I love you too cooper ❤️

2 years ago   Reply

Aww, we love u too. 💗
This is totally okay if you wanna quit or anything
But I hope you're doing better <3

2 years ago   Reply

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