Yeah. Look, you might still see me commenting every now and then, but I'm making it official. I will most likely never return to posting often, if at all, because I think I've simply outgrown the app. I also have a lot of big issues with the platform as well. No single thing triggered this, I've just been slowly worn down by the entire community.
Don't get me wrong, the people I like on here are the reason I've been here for so long! So many talented, warm-hearted people here :)
But I no longer feel motivated to do anything here. I'm not perfect, and therefore, there are people here that I dislike. This isn't any sort of prejudice, it's honestly just a gut feeling of "This isn't a very good person". I've noticed that more and more of these people are thriving, while more of the people I cherish end up leaving the app. Slowly, the app has become less like a family, and more like a jumble of people with conflicting opinions and ideas. There's so much drama. This isn't anyone's fault, it's just something that I've noticed happening.
I don't feel like a part of a friendly community anymore. I of course love all of you who support me, though. Let that be clear.
The app just isn't what it used to be. It's not even just that though. I've found myself much more interested in writing at the moment. The app just isnt very safe anymore, and isn't good for mental health. Love you guys

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  StumpyGuest ✏️🏆🔥

I'm sorry you left. I think you will never answer me

2 weeks ago   Reply

Its unfortunate that it now is gone, But little beacons such as A.A and others are giving hope and a purpose to continue, (Joke - All 4 nations, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lived in harmony to each other till the fire nation attacked (Drama and other bad things), The avatar is the only one who can stop it, Till the the avatar vanished.) But, You minermaster, Changed many things for good, Youve given this a purpose and hope, And an inspiration to others and even me, And we thank you. RETIRING IS GUD!!!

Note- (When i see Minermaster leave i literally broke it, I knew what was to come lol)

1 months ago   Reply

Seeing the state of the app and the current community is quite literally saddening, UGHHHH i miss this guy already, When youve left it has never been the same here now, People has been demotivated there lacked a purpose here, Like the light that has shined has vanished, And i hate the fact that some people here are pedos, And seeing some sexual and bad content is literally another reason to leave, And a reason to try and talk or report such actions But seeing people being motivated and being confident with themselves and participating in certain types of events like you have created, Is inspiring, And them seeing them change and be better is wholesome, And it changes whom they are to be, And what type of person they are and will be,

1 months ago   Reply

Zomg!!!! Huge explosion in the background huge confetti huge uhh huge uhh huge uhh

1 months ago   Reply

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