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nah cuz this community be toxic for no reason

(Warning: an important rant ahead, if u dont want to read it all just get the hell out of here no need to comment)

First off i love the fact that this app allows ppl to grow as both an artist and a person. It has certainly helped me a lot, and ofc ive met my awsome homies this way and i absolutely love them all.

But sometimes.
Theres ppl who will cause the most stupid shiz for no reason. 99% of the time tho its just young ones that lack parental guidance, attention, and basic human morals and decency

Just because u hide behind ur screen with ur double chin on ur moms broken android eating ur crusty goldfishes doesnt mean u can go around and harass ppl and cause issues for no valid reason. Idc how old you are. If your 7 or 10, you may have issues and i might justctalk to u to help u. Mb ur going through stuff idk
But at 13-15??

Theres even 11 year olds going on around here bothering my friends just bc they’re different

I wont stand for any type of hate that has no real goal other than to drag ppl down

If you come across ppl like these, block them, report and move on
If its a really bad situation u can make a post to aware others but dont go overboard
If its a young kid…just know we all make mistakes as kids and hopefully one day their mom/dad will beat the fortnite out of them or whatever

I prefer drama best kept on tv…not on a damn app meant for drawing and sharing

(This is just for ppl who get on my nerves in general. I know not all young kids are toxic)

Pls guys take care of urselves ❤️

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U just mind ur own business this girl is in a crisis bc of bulllying and if u wanna hate on someone hate on someone ur own age

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Sometimes these kids don't even have a guardian and only have a "special mother" to protect their children but sometimes they lack attention from other people and get builled on the internet.

Alot of toxic people are bullying your besties, friends heck even followers. Sometimes in life they bully other people to show that they are poor and deserve nothing. This type of behavior is called being too honest I mean yes, Bullying and Being Too Honest are not the same but they are close.
We As humans expect this because people lack good interests on the internet and start bullying kids. Sometimes even kids are involved and teenagers are.

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