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Hello, everyone. This message is regarding the conflict in Ukraine as a mean to spread awareness.

If you or any of your acquaintances live there, I sincerely hope all of you are taking care of yourselves. We're praying for your safety.

For those who live outside of Ukraine, I hope you're doing well. If you're also spreading awareness, DO NOT believe everything you've seen on social media because they can easily be fabricated. Look for proper and credible sources such as official news. Do not donate anything without searching about it beforehand, there's a big chance that they're fake. (Note: PayPal isn't working in Ukraine, so if you see one seeking for help using PayPal without providing an explanation, it'll most likely be a scam.)

Lastly, DO NOT joke about WW3, it's insensitive. People are literally dying. Using it as a way to "cope" is not an excuse for you to be an awful person unless you're actively involved. If you're sleeping safely tonight, you're automatically in a privileged position, so please, have some respect.

If you feel uncomfortable with the topic, it's completely alright to say it.

But, again, if you do want to spread awareness and talk about it, ALWAYS CHECK THE SOURCES AND DO NOT SPREAD FALSE INFORMATION.

Thank you, and stay safe, everyone.

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ill have to repost this this post isnt doing so well

2 years ago   Reply

Tysm for spreading awareness about this I really hope things really start calming down in Ukraine. 🙏💗

2 years ago   Reply

Thank you for this,, it had to be said,, I pray that they all stay safe❤ I pray that Russia doesn't attack anyone else next I rebuke that in Jesus name🙏❤

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  .✦ WiltedRose ﹆.・


to put it simply Russia is declaring war on Ukraine

2 years ago   Reply

What is going on 😶? Why are ppl dying in Ukraine

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