This is all information compiled from Cali’s and Abdel’s DMs. If you have any question, DM the people involved.

Pasteboards 1-4 are Abdel trying to get with Cali, a 14 year old. The rest are backings to him being homophobic and using “God’s word” to try and get with minors (Pasteboards 5-9)
You don’t have to look at each one besides the first four to know he’s a sh*t person. If you still interact with him or support him in any way, you’re enabling him and it’s disappointing and horrid. Just because he’s talented, it doesn’t give him a free pass to be disgusting. This can be triggering so TW for: Manipulation using Religion (Weaponizing God against others), Homophobia and Pedophilia.










Disclaimer- The people involved are Abdel himself, Cali, Corn and Ian. This was typed out and pasteboarded by Ian, so if you have any questions don’t be afraid to dm us. We asked our friend lil devil to upload this to get the word out and spread awareness to the weird decisions Abdel chooses to make as a 17 year old. I’m sorry to Abdel’s gf and those who are or have been affected by these same action. This is serious and we need to do something about it. This is an exposé including evidence and witnesses. All the links have a description so go check those out. If you have any questions, they’re probably already answered there. What are we expecting? If not a response than an apology, not just to Cali but to all those Abdel has harmed. We’re asking you to step in and mass report Abdel’s account. If you have a big following then spread the word by linking back to this post or copy pasting what we have here. Thanks, Ian!

Edit with my own words: All credit for proof goes to Cali and Ian. I'm hoping using art will get attention ^^; I apologize for what they had gone through and it's disgusting seeing how a big creator has been given so many chances just to continue with toxic behavior. I know some people are probably going to point out my DNI, but I am not interacting with Abdel. I prefer to stay out of drama, but if a person with a following chooses to be disgusting to those who are vulnerable or puts others in a position that makes them feel disgusted and uncomfortable, they have the right to speak out.

Please, do NOT make excuses for him. If you believe he is still an okay person, get off my page and don't interact with me. He has proven not only to me, but to others that he understands what he does is wrong, but he ignores the consequences and plays the victim until people forget or forgive him. Please educate yourselves on the situation and think, what would I feel in that situation. Thank you and please, be safe and stay aware <3

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  Lavender cat🐈

Ye I think it was BC miner master had something against abdbel and he used to be one of the most popular people on anime maker it he was right about adbel so report adbel

2 years ago   Reply
  Zeke the axolotl loving art...


Idk why I'm replying to this comment 21 days later. But thanks for the info!

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We used to be friends. Now I’m leaving until summer because of him. Unfollow that no life freak. He has no place on this app anymore. I would rather put a musket to the roof of my mouth then befriend him again

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Jesus Christ, Abdel is absolutely disgusting

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