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this is all information compiled from calis and abdels dms, if you have any questions dm the people involved
1-4 are abdel trying to get with cali, a 14 year old, the rest are backings to him being homophobic and using gods word to try and get with minors (5-9)
You don’t have to look at each one just the first four to know he’s a shit person if you still interact with him or support him in any way ur disgusting, just because he’s talented doesn’t give him a free pass to be disgusting. This can be triggering so tw for- manipulation using religion, homophobia and pedophilia.

1. https://pasteboard.co/eAiziVHyItXN.jpg

2. https://pasteboard.co/jv67tYcO9q2Q.jpg

3. https://pasteboard.co/vjHWww5ozk4t.jpg

4. https://pasteboard.co/iOdyJzhGWG9V.jpg

5. https://pasteboard.co/wFO64vSBtCch.jpg

6. https://pasteboard.co/rU6ATW0I77ca.jpg

7. https://pasteboard.co/hURmEw5RSHWT.jpg

8. https://pasteboard.co/oIV6KrgkWhmu.jpg

9 https://pasteboard.co/P2J29H4YLAYD.jpg

Disclaimer- The people involved are abdel himself, Cali, corn and ian, this was typed out and pasteboarded ian so if you have any questions don’t be afraid to dm us, we asked our friend lil devil to upload this to get the word out and spread awareness to the just weird decisions abdel chooses to make as a 17 year old. I’m sorry to abdels gf and those who are or have been affected by these same actions, this is serious and we need to do something about it. This is an exposé including evidence and witnesses. All the links have a description so go check those out if you have any questions, they’re probably already answered there. What are we expecting? If not a response than an apology, not just to Cali but to all those abdel has harmed. Were asking you to step in and mass report abdels account, If you have a big following then spread the word by linking back to this post or copy pasting what we have here. Thanks, ian

everyone has permission to spread and is highly encouraged

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  new hip tumblr sexyman (it/he)

is he seriously doing this shit again

2 years ago   Reply

It infuriates the fuck out of me that he has followers and is still on this app. I’ve resorted to ignoring him since I don’t want to give him attention- *that bastard tries to follow me even though I’ve made it pretty clear that I hate him*

2 years ago   Reply
  Floor !!

Damm 😟 he’s still at it wtf
Pussy blocked me tho 😔😔

2 years ago   Reply

Zeke the axolotl loving art...

Abdel using Christian ideals to manipulate a minor into a relationship while he is 17 and is extremely homophobic and sexist

2 years ago   Reply
  Zeke the axolotl loving art...

I don't understand 😰

2 years ago   Reply (1)

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