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Little fight for whoever would like to be included, (READ DISC.)

Ima make a fighting animation, choose something to have control over or be made of, try and get creative and explain the ability thoroughly. I will make fighting 1v1 animations with you and someone else's ability. You are limited to what you describe the ability can do, but you can't just say you can control fire so that means you can have telekinesis, If you hypothetically could, you'd have to explain how and why in detail. If you could, I'd add that to the animation and your arsenal. Be creative guys :)

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I'm bad at explaining

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I wanna be able to fly and teleport infront of people to unleash my realm wich kills then like 100 times and when it's done everything goes back to normal exept their health and my energy recharges quick and I can teleport and I can fire breath and fire punch (very long and not detailed comment but just try ur best)

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