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  🃏Jevil A Fat Jester🃏

I need a bottle of the fizzy juice rn (ALSO- can anyone spot: Sans, Kris, Bill, and Patrick in this?)

Also, this is my Seam (my version of him, and in my own lil made up world of course 🙃 👍/uhhh I’ll give lore some other time maybe, if I ever get around to actually writing somethin good lol/) yeah, an Jevil is there too lol

Anyways- yes, this took forever but I’m completely fine with how it turned out, though I wanted to add more to it I just rushed the rest lol- I need to do backgrounds more often ngl, :/
(Also this is the inside of the store from the post before this one, hope y’all enjoy this lil drawing <3 Gn/Gm )
✨ ✨ ✨ (I love how kitty man turned out in this 🤩 ✨ 🤧 🤚 yes. I just said kitty man. 💀 🔪 )

Edit: also I am still gonna post the finished results of the outside of the store drawing, just need more time for that one is all 🧀

Edit 2: also, Tavish’s birthday is on April 24th idk just throwing that out there lol he gonna be 32 ✨

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  🃏Jevil A Fat Jester🃏

✨”*°• Wolfclover •°*”˜✨

Thankss ✨ I forgot this existed until now-
It took like a couple hours I think

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  🃏Jevil A Fat Jester🃏

{ ✏️ ZZDaLazyGoober ✏️ }

Seam: alrighty *rings it up on the register then gives back the rest of the money that wasn’t needed* enjoy ^^

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