Proluge of Darwin and the rangers of tempos .( Description)

This world did not end the way you might think. Some ideas state the world ends by zombies, a massive earthquake ,flooding or robots but this way was them all.
Future scientist clocked.jr found a way to time travel in the year 4037, they had figured it would be a good idea to use their future knowledge to help the past and give a boost to the future. Many disagreed. They thought that changing the past would disrupt the future and that the very likes of civilization would be swallowed up whole by corruptions in the timeline. They were right. The first expedition to the past caused 1.5 billon people to be completely wiped off the face of the earth. So a group call the mandarin sought to destroy the machines and in the process clicked the bad set of buttons and stabbed the wrong keyboard because they caused all timeliness to mix together. Buffalo running in away from Tyrannosaurus-Rex, Storks trading tailwinds with Quetzalcoatlus, oceans appearing,New York being placed in the Pacific Ocean, parts of South Africa appearing on the coast of Japan, islands sinking, Trees growing. This whole spiel sent the world into panic. This panic was a perfect condition for war and this chaos started the messiest struggle of all. The Tempus War. This was a battle between all of time futuristic robots fighting Japanese fighter jets, millions of soldiers dying for a lost cause. During that time everyone thought winning the war would bring peace. After decades of fighting people came to a realize that peace was the easy solution. But there are still some evil tendencies lurking in the darkness, still trying to, win the war.

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