Nvm I am just gonna cut to the chase.

I don't rly care if anybody does any spicy rps in AM.

I mean, sure, it's not allowed since young people are here and can't ignore it but like.
There are people who are young and also do spicy rps, like me when I was young on Amino because I am a naive son of a bitch who should khm cause he is a "racist" blah blah blah whatever.

And well, what's stopping anyone from checking the comments. I usually do it. And whenever I see a spicy RP I go like "huh, whatever it's none of my business." And whenever drama happens cause of it, it's like for me "That's dumb." Because seriously it may not be allowed but is there any young lad who goes around AM checking user's comments? Possibly, but it's never happened. So yeah.

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  Maddie and unknown

Moral of the story : people should min their business, sometimes you gotta turn off your ampathy-

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I still have access to my first account.
LittleKidArtist [😐]

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Maybe 4 years, I've had LOTS of accounts that I've forgotten the names emails and passwords to.

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