People at my school are kinda annoying.

Mostly today I was eating something and some random ass kid literally ask me “Can I have something?” And I told him well, Do you want some of chips? He told me that “Uh, No sorry I can’t take from things that aren’t open.” So I gave him something instead and he told me that he didn’t want it so he just left. Though after that I was talking with a few people and he just randomly took my own food.

Surely I asked him to give it back, Though he didn’t. But then a another student took the bag from his hands and ran off with it. Honestly I have been in and out of trouble enough, So I didn’t really do anything about it. Sense it’s just food and it didn’t really made me upset (Mostly the only thing that did a little bit that the kid who took my stuff and kept teasing me around about it. Though it’s not a really big deal nor am I sad about it.)

Honestly I don’t know if I should let this keep happening or just do something about it. It’s just food, If somebody just stole it then I might aswell wait again until the next time of break or if there’s chance of I’m not hungry then I guess 🤷‍♀️

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  🟢Ross The Goofy Goobah🟢™ An...

I would clock that bitch with left hook and falcon punch his ass

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