This ISN'T a conflict, This ISN'T a war, THIS IS A GENOCIDE‼️‼️

Israel kept this genocide on Palestinians for over 75 years and it's only now that people started bringing this up!!

Did you know Israel told Palestinians to leave Gaza in 24h before Israel bombs it and then Israel bombed the routs Palestinians would use to evacuate, WHAT KIND OF NONSENSE IS THIS!!! Over 10 000 Palestinian deaths in only 2 WEEKS!!!Just imagine it, There were only 500 Ukrainian deaths in 2 YEARS!!!

People, don't get fooled by the medias who says Palestine are terrorists and that Hamas are doing horrible things, ITS NOT TRUE, THEY ARE LYING TO US!!

Everytime something proves that Palestinans did nothing wrong, medias hides it!!

Even the Israel victims are FAKE!!! It is all made up and yet people still fall for it...

Guys, you don't need to be Muslim to support Palestine, you just need to be human...


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this is a post about war not your Filipino proudness or which county's the best

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I just saw a random vid on yt :

big tyre : *rolling over past Israeli military*
Israel military 1 : *throws a rock*
Israel Military 2 : *Tries to kick the moving big tyre but falls*

me Infront of my phone watching the scene : The tyre is harmless,wtf???

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No the best is the Philippines 🇵🇭

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