Quitting Anine Maker. Hopefully.

I just want to come and arrive my departure. Now, i will be active on other things, im 14 im not leaving social media for a long time. Now i will leave a link to everything in my bio, so, yeah. And i apologize for being a dick on here. Im truly sorry for anyone ive made feel bad. Thank you all for letting me live here with you all on anime maker. Some other things now, You may be wondering, who is the blue haired dude? Well, his name is Toby, Tobias Maxwell Blurry The First. He fights demons and fights like hell. Hes obviously nihilistic and really hates it when people try to be apart of his life. Now for his origin, hes always been a foster chikd with his sister, Jace. Its like a 3 year age gap and by the time Tobias was like 3 his parents put him and his sister in the system. Hes been everywhere and seen it all, hes been in the hood, the suburbs, the city, the countryside, everywhere. He just never fits in. I mean, life is hard when all you have is an older sister. Time skip ALOT and hes now 15. His parents finally brang him back and like a week later his house set to flames. With his family inside. His sister witnessed it all and just started fighting tobias but with all his might he brutally killed his sister and threw her in the fire. Hes haunted by this and takes all his anger out on fighting demons, while trying to kill his enemy, Eris Atron. Did i mention she had feelings for him along time ago? While he was in foster care? No? My bad lol. Anyways, Hopefully that answers your question. Goodbye!

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  IDK anymore...

Shit man, hope you're doing well in life, much love!

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  "Ultra Player"

You got it bro

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  Lucas is now a man United f...

:( okay bye have a great life

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