ˢⁱʳ ˢʷᵃᵍ (semi inactive)

🩷 My official goodbye to anime maker 🩷

This app has given me so many good memories and some bad ones too
And I've met amazing people on here
To all my friends thank you
I've drawn fan art for people
I've gotten fan art from people
This place used to be a big community nice and comfortable for artists but then came the spammers and the bad people who kinda tainted the app for me forever
As you can see I don't really post on here as often anymore
And I can feel myself slipping away from it
I may upload a few times but I'm letting myself slowly slip away from the app till I don't use it anymore so
Count this as an official goodbye because after I stop posting I most likely won't come back.

My socials are still up though

I'm active on

Instagram - pureacidcore

Discord- _sirswag

Spacehey- Gₕₒₛₜ✪ₗₑₐf

YouTube - sir swagster

Roblox- cakebunnyowo

Please tell me if your gonna friend me first or I'll think your a stranger

Honestly this app is great and I hope that many other people get inspired to create

Im not sure if I was anyone to look up to but I do hope I was able to inspire any of you during my time here

But please don't be sad there may be a chance of come back one day but for now I'll let myself slowly slip out of the app and you can always contact me on those socials
I love you guys platonically so much thank you for all the support and hopefully future support

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ˢⁱʳ ˢʷᵃᵍ (semi inactive)

Awe 😭 😭 that actually sucks balls 💀 but it’s nice to know you’ll still check in :]]

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  ˢⁱʳ ˢʷᵃᵍ (semi inactive)


I check in on the site here and there but thanks man :]
Another reason I did leave is also cuz the site is basically not usable for me anymore I try to draw and it crashes 🫶

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Awe 😭 I’m hella late but it was sick knowin ya, I hope wherever you go you have a good time, you’re like one of the first inspirations of mine after my comeback, take care of yourself 😭

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ˢⁱʳ ˢʷᵃᵍ (semi inactive)

No problem, pal-o. ☺️

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