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Sixaxis in the Middle Days (fiction)

Sixaxis repeatedly pushed the elevator button, But the power was out. it didn’t seem he would survive.

Sixaxis: FUUUU-

4 Hours Earlier,

Sixaxis woke up, took 5axis to school and geared up.

Sixaxis: Why am I even doing this crappy job? I get empty money anyways off blackmail…

He was hit by some sort of ancient curse. He flung back and possibly broke rib or two.

Sixaxis: Jeez!

Jakivo emerges from the ground.

Jakivo: Hello, BROTHER.,.

Sixaxis: I killed you! What the f***?!

Jakivo: No sh*t, Sherlock. that wasn’t me.

Sixaxis: then who the hell did I kill?!

Jakivo: You know your pal solario?

Sixaxis; yeah?

Jakivo: I think you know where this is heading…


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