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Nobody will care, but I quit, swear warning.

This wasn't a decision I had overnight.I had thought of this since the day Auto and Miner followed me, I thought it since the two people who had a similar art style than mine would even care if I posted just one thing.They helped me alot though my sadness secretly, nobody knew.I would come back to the animes they responded that were mine and I would be relieved and happy.People who actually cared about me made me happy.Now, please don't hate them, they did nothing wrong.Now, why do I quit AnimeMaker?

Because of the fucking community.

Cant people take a joke seriously, can people understand an opinion?cant people stop being toxic for once, can people stop F U C K I N G IMPERSONATING POPULAR CREATORS WHO ACTUALLY care about this app?Can people be under rated a little bit?No.Take abby the bitch night wolf for example.Targets popular animators like Nic, MinerMaster, Shadoww, name it.Like lol, I would be happy if it was a joke, but apparently she can't even hide opinions.Her name gives me a stroke.

A joke, people can't take a joke related to the anime that someone posted seriously, you got into an argument.Opinions, you say something is worse or better than something, damn, you got to the pointless argument of 2020/202-, wow!Can people stop saying YOU ART TRASH ECKSDEE LOL or offending a person?Apparently to AnimeMaker, no.You see these comments everywhere.People compare to a popular animator, to a trashy, "trashy" animator.Nobody is trashy first of all, everyone is unique, freaking unique.Jealous ass holes only complain about WHY AINT THIS MOVING AYE YO, MAKE IT MOVE, I WILL UNFOLLOW or like THIS SUCKS, 0/10 or overused roasts from ERB and etc.Why did you follow them in the first place?This is why I quit.Oh, and "underrated" people, they just either copy popular people or just, STEAL. AnimeMaker lost my motivation, and this is why I quit.Don't blame yourself, you are special, everyone is unique and special too.Just remember, you are very special, cool, amazing and don't give up.Wow.Okay.And also, bye.

This was inspired by Actually Stephen's speech by why he quits danplan.

Oye, I might come back, but depends if I remember this app, since I am uninstalling it.Congratulations AnimeMaker, you just lost a motivated girl with "popularity".You know, I would have stayed here if the community was more nice and cool, but NO.

So, bye.I will miss you guys and I'll "cee" you guys..Soon..Well, In a year?

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i wish i remembered my password though, damn. again, if you wish to speak, my wattpad is already mentioned

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Wow, anyways jokes aside, its been nearly 2 years though. God i miss it when i didnt care about my art so much back then. Everyone probably forgot about me, (if you didnt, then wow, yourereading this) and this account in general, haha. My point still stands though,this community is very toxic and yeahhh.. Its very nice to see that i grew up a little and improved so much. If you wish to get to know me or speak to me more, my wattpad is @miusdumpstah . Ill be waiting and thanks for being with me, haha :) if you dont believe me, its okay, you dont have to. Have a nice day and stay safe. Also Im not using this account, ill be quitting just like i said, im no longer using this app anymore.

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Oh my god, im cringing so hard... I forgot my account password and deleted my socials. Yall, im doing okay, i can draw if you want some proof and you can see that we (i) have a similar style but that is all i can prove. Also i was like 9 when i made this account why tf did i made this BRUHH 💀💀

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owo why am i here

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When you read this in 2021

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