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Megaman changes

find the name of all the megaman and put in the comments below the ones you found+(theirs one secret)

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Maluma the cat said hi

137 days ago   Reply
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Hello future me! Please say hi to my brother if he is nearby.
Could you reply please to this comment so I know what your like? I mean, It's me, BUT IN THE FUTURE!! I will know exactly what your like once you reply, Because I will be you :D

If you are reading this future me.. Remeber your Stickimations, T0poop, AND joe.
Well.. Sorry if it's cringe or anything but my username right now as I'm making this comment is Joe. XD

I like the font of the name right now. So uh.. If your reading this future me, Please remember how cringe you were. idk why I type ":0" so much, lol

So Yeah!! :D
I'd like to know what you do now that might be different back then, Do you still play Cubic Castles? Did Galantis retire cubic castles?? Are you a moderator of cc now..? :OOO
If you are, Please holla to a realm with a sign. Write on the sign this exact comment, Or signs.. Wow I typed alot lol. I'm just excited to see if I ever reply to this in the future. Welp, Cya me! :D

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