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  GrapeJuice (FakeColor, LavenderDrawz)

C O N T E S T ! | Read desc for more info ^^

Hello! For this contest, all you have to do is draw hands. You can just draw one hand, or you can draw a bunch of hands! You can draw them as stylistically or as realistically as you'd like. There's no rules, all you have to do is draw at least one hand. You can draw other things as well, as long as you draw a hand somewhere :)
There will be no competition for this contest, I just want to get people to draw hands, since I've been noticing that hands are what most people struggle with, from what I can tell. You can also draw feet instead, if you struggle with drawing feet more. The due date is July 7! I hope people can enjoy this contest, if anyone even joins. Have fun, and stay safe! ♡

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  GrapeJuice (FakeColor, LavenderDrawz)

It doesn't seem like anyone joined, and the contest is beyond it's due date, so no, I'm not. Sorry for late response

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U still doing the contest?

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