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These are my new ocs! I might make a story about them, and silver is my main oc. I will be doing a big change of account, so I might just have it for silver. U probs don’t know who silver is, so imma give stuff about them

The first one is peanut
She works in a coffee shop, and she’s 17. Her best friend is silver, who’s kind of like a little sister. Peanut is very, very smart and is already a student studying law. Her hobby is painting and art. She does sometimes go to silver and rainbows school, but just for visits. She has no crushes, but she does think shadows kinda cute. You’ll meet him and rainbow later. (Look Ik all these characters are kinda stereotype but yeah I think it’s cool)

Silver is the second one
She is 16 and is very chill. She is still in school and her only school friend is Rainbow. She has superpowers like flight, heat resistance, cold resistance and slight weather powers that she’s working on. Rainbow has a crush on her. She pretends she doesn’t know, but everyone kind of knows. She keeps knocking on shadows door, hoping he’ll come out and hang out, but he always says “ you should know what it’s like being different. You have powers. Good powers. I have powers too. Evil powers. We’re supposed to battle, you’re supposed to win, and I’m supposed to be greedy and power hungry and weak. But one things for sure, were NOT supposed to be friends.”

Shadow the is third one
Shadow is a vampire Damon Hybrid from a different dimension. He’s 16 and likes peanut. Silver is his best friend but he thinks they can’t be. He’s homeschooled, but not in a schooly way. He’s taught how to turn cats into fur coats, even kittens, how to open portals to other dimensions and even how to trap people in paintings. His friends tell him he doesn’t have to do any of this, but he does. One day he has to battle silver and die. His parents are all for destiny, even if he dies. His first present was from Peanut, Rainbow and Silver. It was a selfie of the four of them putin a frame. Rainbow lives beside him and threw it into his garden. His parents found it and made him burn it in blue fire

Rainbow Is last

He got his name from his multi coulored hair. His real name is Bart, but Rainbow is his nickname. He thinks he’s the best and the coolest, and he has the biggest ‘secret crush’ on silver. He loves skateboarding and stunts. He is 15 and the youngest of the group. He lives beside shadow and was the one who called it creep house. He was dared to go knock on the door and that’s how they met Shadow. Him and Shadow are best friends (sorry I forgot to mention Shadows best friend is also Rainbow) he has a little sister who loves hanging out with him and wants to learn to skateboard, and Rainbow cares about her so much. Her name is Lily. She was the one who called him Rainbow first. One time Shadow asked Rainbow to teach him to skate, and he was happy to help. Shadows parents found out and they both got in a lot of trouble. Rainbow seems tough, but has a heart of gold

Thanks forechecking this out! Silver is probs my fave if ur wondering or Rainbow

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