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story time with ZARA!!

Since one of my followers wanted a story time i shall give them a lil story time...

So I have a friend group of about 13 people (everyone included) and so on Friday last week me and most of my friend group was in the library (besides like 3 people) and we were just talking...when my friends all of a sudden talked about spoons, and my friend M Man (that's just a nickname we give em😐)said this "EVRYONE LISTEN UP" *everyone silent* "I'm going to get married to Emily on Monday" Emily is a spoon with very BeAuTiFuL eyes and apparently my friend M Man got it from my bff last year from LJ (UwU) and so after he announced that he was getting married to Emily we had. To. Plan. So M Man had to LeAvE the library so we could plan it for Monday, we had it ALL PLANNED OUT. So today for me is Monday and it's 8:23pm and would you guys want me to do a part 2 for what happened today?

Also if you were wondering what M Mans real name is, it's Sol

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