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Reasons if I DON'T respond or I'm OFFLINE for a day/a long time [UPDATED, I'M SORRY I KEEP REPOSTING]

• There's no wifi sadly

• There's a power-cut (No electricity, and no wifi)

• I went somewhere that I can't bring my device with me

• I'm grounded for some reason.

• I'm studying(usually for my examination)

• I have online classes (Every Monday-Friday)

• I gotta feed/play with my sister.

• My device didn't charge or my device is broken ack-. (My tablet charges for 5-6 hours :,) )

• I'm taking a break from AnimeMaker.

• I'm taking a shower (I take a shower for like 15-30 mins 👍)

• I'm watching YouTube/I'm playing Roblox (usually when I just don't respond :p)

• I'm currently drawing.

• I'm eating breakfast/lunch/dinner.

• My tablet is on low battery-.

• I'm watching a movie / listening to music irl

(Important ⬇️)
• EXAMINATION (When I have exam in school,, I can't be online even on Weekends :,( unless I study for hours)

• I'm doing my homework.

• Busy looking at Catra x Adora, Magnus x Alec, and Sherwin x Jonathan Fanfics/Fanart 😳😌

• AnimeMaker stopped working for me or it takes to load FOREVER


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  «《•✧the fabulous fender✧•》»

I cant be online tomorrow or on Sunday.

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  A pencils duty

There is also a power outage in our streets!

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  Snakeskin likes pizza

I'm sorry I wasn't on for awhile are you on now

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