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Thank,, God. Finally,, there's damn electricity.. 😢

I'm not doing well.
My exams are supposed to be Wed-Fri,, but it got on Wednesday cancelled because of Typhoon Ulysses,, then,, on Thursday,, there was a power cut. No electricity,, no wifi,, no water for the whole day,, even on Friday. It was so boring,, we got nothing to do but sleep. It was so hot. Of course,, earlier,, still the same. We went to my friend's school where our neighbor works,, earlier,, to feel some fresh,, cool air 😥 a few hours later,, THE ELECTRICITY,,WIFI,,WATER IS BACK YDUJHGDGNX we went home as fast as we could.(around 12:50pm in the noon/1pm) I literally ran inside my house,, turned the TV on and played Hairspray. IT'S BEEN 3 DAYS OF SUFFER :,( at Wednesday,, btw,, I woke up and there's a storm. That's the reason why the exams are suspended. The wind was like,, SO STRONG I could hear it blowing,, it sounded like: ''wOoOOUUOUuUuU''. It even blew a lot of stuff so much,, trashes outside,, plants,, and so much more. Even the rain drops leaked in my bedroom,, my bed was wet ;~; you have no idea how hard it was to live like that for 3 DAYS-. Glad,, I survived. Dang,, life. You're so rough. The electricity,,wifi,,and water disappeared again earlier at 3pm again. But,, it came back around 4-5pm,, WHICH IS GOOD.


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