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Sh¡t, sh¡t, sh¡¡¡¡¡t...I'm scared.

It's 7:59pm here, my tablet is still alive. I didn't know what to do so I just explored random apps in my tablet. I also wanted to like .. “Fix/Change’’ my channel and account a 'lil. But, when I managed my Google Account, and, changed the “birthday.’ of my account .. SOMETHING FRICKING HAPPENED THAT I WASN'T EXPECTINGGG 😥 Basically, the year of my account is 1982, then, i changed it to 2009(which is my birth year). Y'know the aftermath? It said I'm too young(It won't let me change the birthday anymore :,)) jdm!dyjshtksthjs and that my parents and I have to set up supervision for it, otherwise I'm losing my account in 14 days 😭 I'm too scared to tell my parents about this, 'cause they might get angry at me. I literally don't know what to do. Please, i wasn't expecting that to happen. .. 😧🔫


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  «《•✧the fabulous fender✧•》»

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People think I'm a teenager because of how I draw, lmao.

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*spits out apple juice* wait, your ONLY 11!?!?!?! You seem so much older lol

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  «《•✧the fabulous fender✧•》»

I'ma deal with this tomorrow..-
It's 9:06pm, goodnight.

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