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Introducing......... The Daily Can-You-Solve-It!!

So I’ll be posting this every day I mean it’s in the name, basically what it is, is a daily “riddle”. How it works is that I’ll be posting this with a riddle, you’ll be commenting what you think the answer is, and after a while I’ll make another post with the answer and if someone guessed it right then I’ll put they’re name in the post too (if more then one person gets it right then I’ll put the first person who guesses it). So yea that’s basically it and the riddle for today is....... “There’s a one-story house in which everything is yellow. Yellow walls, yellow doors, yellow furniture. What color are the stairs?” Comment your answers good luck!^^

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There are no stairs in a one-story house.

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  Bunny’s and strawberry’s

Their is no stairs

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  Amina_1495 (was Majestic ...

No stairs it's 1 story not 2

738 days ago   Reply
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