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I’m leaving AnimeMaker ...

... And I’m not coming back .

I’ll tell you all of my secrets , and I know my best friend is in this app , so reminder to my best friend : PLEASE DONT TELL ANYONE !!! ( she knows my family )

Here it goes :

I was once a sweet, young ,girl , not girly , but average . I was VERY cringy and cute , cause like bruh I was 5. I was a little boyish , but mostly average and I thought that other than my parent’s constant fighting , I had the perfect life and I was a happy kid with no problems . Wrong . I was playing with my younger sister , who was 4 , when suddenly I knocked known her toy bricks . Mom rushed over and scolded me and gave me a beat for making noise . My sister was crying to see me cry . That was the first time getting hurt from my mom , so you can imagine how it felt . Two days later , I forgot about it and everything was back to normal . But that was not the end . From 6 years , mom has kept saying things that hurt dumb kids like me , words like “idiot” , “my family doesn’t deserve an arrogant girl like you” , “you’re so dumb” , “liar kid” , “devil’s child” , you get the idea . She also hurt me physically ( not anymore , she stopped hurting me physically at 10 ) but she made sure not to let my father know ( well sometimes she lets him see but that’s only when she hurts me shortly , like just a few painful slaps and all ) . When I was 10 , she stopped hurting me physically but more violent in mentally . Like : “ You’re a Failure” “Everything you do is a failure” “Nothing you do is right” “Everything you do is a nuisance” , you get the idea , right ? Anyway , for a person who adores her mom , it really hurts . I spend every night crying on it . I sometimes lick my wounds or when it’s mentally , just cry it away . How I remember all this ? I started writing in my diary since I was 5 . I didn’t have any friends at school that I trust enough for sharing my past (well now I have , but I’m talking bout the past ) . I was very scared of her . But my love for her still stayed strong . I decided to train . I always had a love for wrestling , ever since I was 4 . I even had an encounter when I was in 2nd grade ! I eventually had depression . I hated my life and many times , tried to jump !!! But something always pushed me back , something on my heart saying : “god will be sad” , “god will be sad” , “god will be sad” !! I loved god , so i didn’t jump . I decided to try out one of my hobbies , drawing , but only on the phone . I started graphic drawing , and as you know , I suck at it . TSBK and my god was the only people that kept me alive . But now I have my friends , who I love very much , as I think friendship is more important than family . I know that’s wrong but I can’t help it . Now that TBSK is gone ... I’ll go too . I’m not deleting my account ( no one knows there’s an account like this cause I’m infamous ) but I’m leaving and I’m deleting this app . I’ll rate it good and recommend it , as I have no hatred to this app , but with one of my role models gone , I’m ready to give up one of my favorite hobbies .

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Thanks so much I really wanna kill that DUDE WHO POSTED THIS POST

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  ℤ.𝕂. 𝔸ℕ𝕀𝕄𝔼 ♡

Idk what to say
But I know what that feels like , actually you are from the 1st friends I met them in AM ,and I am soo happy for talking to you .and meeting a person like you here.
Hope you will have good life in future .
And I will wish u all the best .

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