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Ok ok so lemme clear up wut happen to me n dickhe- i mean my ex

Soooo i actually notice that he was cheatin on me(even the times he didnt realise he was cheatin) but my naive ass gave him alot of chances istg oml-- then one day, i told me friend to like flirt or smt to him if he cheated or not n what i didnt expected is that he was rlly flirtin with my friend but he told my friend he had a substitute meaning a side chick n that upsetted me. He told me the substitute agreed being that but when i questioned the substitute, she didnt agreed at all. And so he lied, when i tried to freakin talk to him at my patient moment he givin me the excuase that is the ✨venting✨ excuase. I tried so hard to keep my patience but my inner S.I. demon awaken( its real) and that turn me into a manipulative bitch. I rlly didnt wanna hurt him that badly but i just hate him so badly. He hadnt even apologise to me properly. The only thing i regret was unleashing my S.I. demon to him n being his gf. To me, it was kinda a toxic relationship

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he sounds like the human equivalent of dropping the shampoo bottle on your foot

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