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Lilith final design

Wasn't feelin the hair and sleeves lol. Idk if I wanna give her a full backstory or anything cuz most of my ocs are just made to sit there and be pretty.. uhh okay lol

Meet Lilith the cow/demon/owl girl

Name - Lilith
Age: 1000+ years old 😈😫 (19 in human years ig)
Birthday - June 20th
Sexuality: cupiosexual
Backstory: Lilith is a demon that deals with ghosts. Shes a grim reaper of sorts that can quickly send spirits to their final destination. Shes bubbly, mischievous, and likes to travel among ghosts and even befriends them which kinda makes her slack on her whole grim reaper thing. Lilith is pretty lazy and would rather spend her day eating or messing around with people than doing her job.

K that's it bye lol ✌

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