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Why I stopped playing Bowsers Fury. (Explicit and NSFW language alert)

1. The loading screen is as long as fuck when you start the game. Its like 16 seconds or more.
2. The 3rd fight of Fury Bowser is way too challenging. I literally nearly decided to commit suicide after raging quit 50 FUCKING TIMES IN A ROW.
3. I know Fury Bowsers design is cool. It just scared the fuck out of me when I first seen it.
4. Everything are cats. I just dont like cats much.
5. Just like Mario Odyssey, the cat shines are very repetitive sometimes.
6. (SPOILERS) Just like Mario Sunshine for the GameCube, you get a fricking picture for completing the game.
7. Chasing the bunny to get a Cat Shine can be quite boring after a very short time.
8. In Handheld mode, the game runs at 30fps. Thats just fucking slower than the loading screen.
9. (SPOILERS AGAIN) At the end, Mario is literally a savage. He just ignores Bowser when Bowser tries to ram into him with Bowser Jr. stopping him.
10. Just like Reason 4, the designs are out of place. For example, the rainbow after defeating Fury Bowser and most of the enemy designs.
11. You will never know when Fury Bowser appears. You have to turn your fucking camera to see Bowser.
12. Plessie (the seal) drifts most of the time.
13. It is nearly impossible to hide from Bowser's laser.

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