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  🥚Call me Eggs🥚

Here’s a recent TikTok I made

Also the audio is in Spanish but I translated it. If you understand Spanish then enjoy the video either ways.

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  Picky the Paky


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  🎩Noob and The Tophat🎩 (🥳Leader of Roblox fan gang😁)

When ita double battle while I have legendary or mythical pokemon be like:

Level 80 Arceus and Level 70 Mew I choose you
Arceus: ahh the f**King trainer noob and has Charizard And Raichu and charizard is level 67 level and Raichu is 81 level
Mew: yeah i-
Noob trainer: Raichu used Thunder Ball
Mew has fainted

Me: ok Alolan Raichu I choose you
Noob trainer: wait what how?
Me: idk Noob
Noob Trainer: ok come back Raichu and Kyogre I chose you
Kyogre: ez they are noob
Arceus: shut your up kyogre your level is 59?!
Kyogre: oh
Me: Arceus comes back
Me: Mega Venusaur I choose yo
Noob trainer: OK I going die your a pokemon champion

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