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Kataang nsfw

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I this is for older audiences so don't read it if you don't want to.


Earlier that day Aang had been practicing earthbending with toph and she had bent a rock at his stomach. Well, a little lower down. He had limped back to his tent. Ow ow ow, he thought to himself. Katara rushed into the tent to check on him. " oh my gosh, Aang, are you okay? You need a healing session, here I'll help you to my tent. I'll have a word with toph later."
Aang let himself be lifted up by his girlfriend, then realised the situation he was in.
Katara, his girlfriend, who at the most they kissed and hugged, was carrying him to her tent to examine him and was going to to have to look... He shook his head. They were still young, around 18 to 19 but his train of thoughts went from one thing to another. Katara, his tan goddesses, undressing and then....
No. He had to stop thinking about that.
He shook his head and realised that Katara had already carried him to her tent.
"sorry it took so long, you're just a little heavier than you used to be "
She smiled and then propped him up against her chair.
Aang's heart was pounding as she gently eased off his shirt and trousers. He was now only in his underwear. He blushed hard as her fingertips traced the outline of the top half of the wound.
" Um, Aang, this wound, well" Katara stammered and blushed scarlet as she spoke.
"Katara, its okay, I don't mind" Aang blushed and Katara nodded shakily.
They were down.
Aang blushed immensely as he saw that Katara was looking.
At it. Was she...impressed?
Katara gently bent some healing water onto the wound and Aang felt his cock hardening. He shut his eyes tight hoping, praying she wouldn't notice.
"Aang, " she chuckled. "its okay, its natural. Now tell me where it hurts the most. It's a nasty bruise and you have several scratches on your legs and.. You need to tell me okay"
Aang felt her hand on his dick, her fingertips were caressing it tenderly, tracing the outlines and numbing any pain. He sighed deeply and allowed himself to relax.
"does that feel better?"
"y-yeah. Thanks" Aang stammered.
"don't worry about it" Katara replied, turning even more scarlet.
"do you think you can stand up okay?"
Aang stood up, still fully naked, then stumbled, Katara caught him and pushed him onto her bed so that she was laying on top of him.
His dick hardened even more. Her thigh rubbed against it. Her rounded breasts on his chest. He was stunned and even more dirty images rushed through his mind.
"Sorry" she mumbled, quickly getting up.
"here, take your clothes, I'll help you put them on.
She eased his underwear back in and sat on the other side of the bed while Aang slid back into his trousers.
" Aang, um, if you can't walk then you should probably stay here s-so I can always be there if it hurts and, well, it would be better if you slept-well if your okay with it, it y-you slept, um, here?" Katara stammered and blushed down at her shoes.
Sleep with katara?
“okay. I'll sleep on the floor and”
"no aang, you take the bed, ill sleep on the floor"
"but katara this is your room"
"well then what do you propose!?"
" um, that we slept together?" Aang blushed immensely as katara got up in shock.
"well Aang, if you're okay with it, then I guess it's okay." she blushed.
Katara questioned if this was wise. Sokka was out with zuko hunting and toph went with them because she didn't trust that they would actually hunt instead of go to the boiling rock prison again.
And suki had gone back to help the kiyoshi warriors.
They were going to be alone for a whole three days and there was no chance of them being caught.

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It gets spicy😏

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Anyways guys if you enjoyed this come on to this account for pt 2

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It's Not Safe For Work

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