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  🏳‍🌈♪♪ Jake M ♪♪🏳‍🌈

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We can talk on discord. _Jake_M_#0887

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  🏳‍🌈♪♪ Jake M ♪♪🏳‍🌈

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Okay first off, I never said you were talking bullshit. I see those hate comments. Second, I'm sorry that stuff happened to you, Mochi and TSBK but did they go and say bad things to people? No. I had haters too because I was defending you, they told me to kill myself, that I was a fake trans, that I was you, and that I support pedo's but I'm still here! I just kindly asked those people to stop and that their accusations were false. When they continued I blocked them. Answering anger with anger only makes the situation worse. Talk kindly and they give up. Kill them with kindness. Make a post apologizing to the people you insulted. That would be the first step to a better future on this app.

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H having
A anger
T toward
E everyone
R reaching
S sucess

-"still. You insulting people isn't going to make them leave you alone. You're making them hate you more."

Fucking losers, the fact that they harrased me and TSBK , two popular people until breaking us down is not a simple coincidence , they're always trying to attack kind popular or succesful people , so you think i am saying bullshit ? , remember when they tried to harrass MochiRushMoom for a dumb reason , " her oc is too much curved " then the #LetMochihavehercurves was born , me , TSBK , and mochi are perfect exemple of innocent succesful people who got harrased for shit , me for being first homophobic , then a pedo , TSBK ( i barely understand what was wrong with him , so he was misgendering ? May he just disnt got the prononces like me ?
Pan , trans , bi , as*xual , fucking complicated shit ). And once again i have to shut my mouth up ? Sad news Its not gonna happens

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  🏳‍🌈♪♪ Jake M ♪♪🏳‍🌈

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But still. You insulting people isn't going to make them leave you alone. You're making them hate you more.

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That person that harrased me sharing fake news and bullshit about me during months ( exemple : rude to the others , homophob ..) and sharing the fact that i am a pedo wich is fake because i am a fucking 16 years old guy and i am not attracted by young dumbass ( wich i try to explain during like , a YEAR )
He is rigth
*getting on my nerves about it * because i called him /her or wathever the fuck is the fucking pronouce for that person a retard :
*The world's end*
Honestly its fun to see how much people can be hypocritical , and how they can overdo for a shit.
The people that i insulted deserved it , you dont even know why i insulted them , i became the rude / bad / mean over the time , why ? Because people cant just mind them fucking buisness , if they was able to do it , there would be less drama in thit app.

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