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Adrian (OC)

Grew up in the countryside. Life was kinda rough, working on the farm from a young age. Mother died of birth complications. Dad did his best, but was kinda distant and prioritised his farm and buisness over his 4 children. 3 brothers, they blamed her for mum’s death, which sucked. They were pretty bad to them. She ran away to the town of Bridgebeck at 14, which wasn’t much better because their money ran out fast and she had to turn to crime.

One day, she got caught. Running for their life, they meet the Earth Spirit (Ertu) who was taking the form of wolf at the time. Ertu sensed courage and a longing for adventure in Ade, so lead her to the magical forest I have creatively named ‘The Woods’. And that’s where we’ll leave it for now.

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