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Contest!! (Closed)

Create a zombie challenge!! (open) 🧟‍♀️
You guys know I like creepy stuff so that’s why I thought of this challenge 😼 I was gunna post it on Monday but that sucks so I’ll post it now,, the due date is on “Friday, May 7th” ((I hope that’s enough time but let me know if it’s not))!!

•1st place= full effort fanart
•2nd place= a medium fanart
•3rd place= a small fanart
your making an undead oc for the purpose of this challenge! whatever applies to you irl, you have to add on your zombie!!
((Example “if you have__irl then add__on your zombie oc ))
-If you have glasses add: “short hair”
-if you don’t add: “long hair”
contact lense/other: “you choose”

-If you have a dog add: “pointy ears”
-If you have a cat add: “normal ears”
Both, none, or other: “you choose”

-if you have short hair: “color the iris part”
-If you have long hair: “color the white cornea part of the eye”
-Medium hair: “you choose”

Eye color:
-“The color of the shirt your wearing rn is the color of the eyes.”
-if you have dyed hair add: “painted nails”

-if u don’t have dyed hair add: “earrings”

-if you wear rings/jewelry add: “hair clips”

-if you wear makeup add: “freckles”

-if you like animals add: “stickers on the face”

-if you watch anime add: “dyed hair”

-your favorite color: “is the color of your oc’s blood”

-your phone case: “the theme of the outfit”

-your favorite tv show’s theme color: “outfit color”

-if you have siblings: “make the clothes torn/dirty”
“Optional: (you can choose more than one)”
-If you like sweet stuff add: “open wounds”

-If you like salty stuff add: “bandages”

-if you like spicy stuff add: “eyebags”

Everything else like the gender, age, sexuality, etc you can choose just make sure your oc resembles a zombie^^!!-
And that’s all!! Make sure you comment when your done so I can see, good luck and have fun!! :DD
(I did this all in one go so let me know if there’s an issue or flaw in the requirements, or if you need help ;-;”

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