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  ☆* beanz !! [ they / xe ]

kirby ! ! ~☆*

,, , , uwa happy 29th anniversary kirb !!! >.< ♡

.... wtf he's so cute *dies*
anywayz have a gijinka 4 the day,, they r nonbinary and go by they/he/it pronounz !! :DD
( this is all canon information sakurai told me so im also one of the game developers part of HAL laboratory guyz i swear i- /j )

stan kirby for good hair :] or go bald idc

[ kirby : kirby franchise ]
[ my pronouns! : they/them, xe/xem, zhe/zher ]

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  Princess perfect sans and bendy lover / I kissed sans

Someone by the name of
[, ziggy ☆. Copied this drawing you made.
they even put in their bio
“ don’t steal my art “ 🤨🤨

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I love your art style! Check out my page...or something

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  zig 🩹

Bruh and u said I were ll that’s like, like age 20 work or sum

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